Europe's most talented models and performers on skates!

about us

The Rollagirls are a collective of highly talented skaters, models, dancers and performers. We create spectacular stage shows, promotional stunts, photo shoots, and work closely with skate related talent all over the UK.

Who We Are




Peggy will set your world on fire.

Rolla Roxy

Creative Director

Roxy is a talented model, and stunt skater. She is our right hand Rollagirl.

Maz and Tia

Dream Team

Identical twins, world class figure skaters and their dance moves are off the scale.



Obie can groove like a true diva on the dance floor and will smile every second she’s skating.


Rollahooping Superstar

Kiki is our rollahooping super-star. She skates and spins things off every limb.



He’s a hustler and carries the bags.


The video is looking AMAZING and we are so excited about it! I took it to HQ and they absolutely LOVED it - so much that they will be posting it throughout their ENTIRE social network when the game goes live… That's roughly 40 million viewers!

Darion – Gamblit Gaming

You and your team were fantastic and it is suppliers like you who make our job possible. Thank you for your work it was a huge success.

Catherine Murphy - Angels Events

I'm in love with a Rollagirl.

Dj - Es Paradis Ibiza

My niece Willa just bought her first pair of Rollerblades and she went for dark blue and "boyish" stuff. So! My sister went to Rollagirls insta to show Willa that you can be girly and skate.

Avery Sell - Skater

What we do


We meet, we greet, we waitress, we serve champagne on skates, we dance, we play, we roll around and entertain. Rollagirls can up the vibe of any party or event and are guaranteed to create something to remember. We’ve hosted at private functions, birthdays, App Launces, club nights and more.

Digital Marketing / Photoshoots

We have our own photographers, directors, and stylists. If your brand would look good with a bunch of chicks on skates we can sort the rest… Studios, models, concept, editing. We’ve directed shoots with Fair Trade T’s, Pink Pantaloon Co, Rookie Skates and many more.

Stage Shows

We can spin, move, and stylishly skate our way into the hearts of the lively crowds. We’ve performed at Glastonbury Festival, Butlins, KoKo Camden and many more clubs around Brighton, Oxford and London.

Our Work

Stage Shows

Pink Pantaloon Co – Photoshoot

UNOA Clothing – Lifestyle Shoot




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